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I think I'm pretty safe posting this one...

Although I plan to get political soon, assuming that what I want to write at that point doesn't get me TOS'd (not a guaranteed safety by any chance on that one). I think I'll bounce that one off Vasty (who really needs to get an LJ) first...he knows what I said and prolly has a better chance than me at judging whether it'd be a TOSup...

The Objection! meme is currently facing Article for Deletion status at this house of notability-whores [why yes, I am trying to start an obscure Google-bomb; why do you ask?], and because WP have become increasingly strict about its 'guidelines' (who's kidding whom; they're rules by now!), particularly consuming notability as WP define it, it's sure to get axed. This isn't a request for anyone to go in and re-create it; they've also become a whole lot less tolerant about that and rather than sending it back to AfD or even just speedying it to its doom, they'll speedy it and permanently protect the article from re-creation. What it is, is a note that a lot of Wikipedia pages on Webmemes and Websites wouldn't pass AfD if they were nominated today, particularly memes where the requirement is now 'mention in at least two MSM sources'. Ummm...'less I'm highly mistaken, that even leaves Badgers open for deletion...I know I was sent to it numerous times, but I don't know that I've ever heard of an MSM reference to it...or even to Weebl and Bob at all. Still, Wikipedia have made their decision, and since the mod/admins there seem to be in lockstep these days, there's zero reason to try to argue that maybe, just maybe they should stick to what worked for 7 years and keep writing the memes that wind up getting hit by a large portion of the populace.

So, given that that's no longer an option, let's go ahead and give in...the way the current bosses would have it, wikipedia isn't the source for information on a meme which once ran 'tound the entire Net. If we don't want it to be completely impossible to understand for someone too young to have been there, though, we need a source. I'm asking that someone volunteer a server for the purpose of setting up an internet-meme wiki, similar to the actions taken by the folks at Comixpedia when it became clear that Wikipedia's latest notability guidelines would no longer give Webcomics any sort of pass (if it wasn't as 'publicly notable' as /., and not in a relative, but an absolute sense, it was now eligible and desirable for deletion). Just what am I asking then? Very simply put, first go in and find any meme that's currently in AfD status. Go into Edit, grab every last character from the edit box in a C&P, and paste it into one of your text-editors, then save it as a plaintext file. When our new Memeopedia or Wikimeme is up and running, go to the page you preserved in this fashion and paste the text-file back into place, thus preserving the article without running afoul of the Wikiregime. Then, go find a meme article that isn't currently pending deletion, AfD it yourself, and save it the same way. Let's teach the editors that if they really want this type of 'notability', it'll leave nothing but a scorched HD for most all the web-based content, especially memes. Anyone with me? This time I'd really like some feedback...and especially a volunteer who can throw a small server our way (can't be me...I've got an offline Athlon 500 tower that I keep planning to convert to run 'nix. but I also have a whole 512KBps DSL connection that tends to max-download at 30KBps--plus I'm out of ways to connect the compies I do have, and anyway, installing a wireless card on Linux is next ta if I coiuld get a boot of OSX...*drools*).
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