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It seems I'm really good at getting to places right at their big moment of change...

I'm not sure if I've ever mentioned it in here before, but I'm a fan of fanfic...which, about a month ago, led me to join r.a.a.c. and the FFML--the Fan Fiction Mailing List (no shots at how retro that is...I know that I can be a throwback sometimes in what parts of cyberspace I'm willing to use--after all, I'm on LJ, not MySpace, right? :P ). After a nightmare trying to deal with the gatekeeper program for the FFML (I just wasn't receiving a registration email, and I was trying desperately), I finally wrote off the whole idea a week later as something that just wouldn't happen. Yesterday, though, I downloaded messages for my business account, and lo and behold, there were 1000+ new messages in there (mainly not spam either)! It turns out that my beggity-begging to the list admins did get through, and they subscribed me on the spot. Unfortunately, they also subscribed me under the email address belonging to my business gmail account, most likely because they responded to the path in the header rather than the reply-to, because I know I used [myname (at)] as my identity when sending that email...but had been using the outgoing server under my alternate identity. Oh, well, at least I'm on, which gives me access to fanfic that typically meets a higher standard than what you'll find at ffnet... Still, I'm less than eager to submit anything (even a C&C), because if I do, I'll have put my last name (which I've been carefully excising from any appearances online) back out in semi-public. I guess one of these days I should bug the list-admins again and ask if they can subscribe my main identity and drop the other one...

Of course, I'm quite a ways off from being able to post anything anyway...while I like to think that my dialogue skills are high-quality, the rest of my fiction-writing tools range from 'rusty' to 'not there'. I mean, think about what happened the one time that I tried to write a TC Period...ten months of floundering around, two of which I provided the base concepts on but even basic plot points got provided by someone else. Still, I've got a lot of concepts I've never seen anyone else use, all of them called into my mind by little various points that came up in the course of the original stories. A lot of the time it's crossover ideas, and I know how well-valued those are in the mainstream thanks to various butcheries that have been read by the wrong people...but then again, a lot of those types already think I'm involved in an online travesty ]I would post competing opinions, but so far as reviews go, right now it seems like people think Triquetra Cats is the Little Man of internet graphic fiction...and considering what else is out there (I almost posted links, but both of the ones I was thinking about are beyond NSFW to basically being NSFAO, I think I'll pass, and the other idea I originally had would just be digging up an old feud best left buried if the other guy ever figured out I'd linked to his site!)] anyway. Still, all I can seem to come up with is a few ideas, with one in particular continually bothering me like a mosquito bite on the brain. The really fun part is that I've done a deep websearch, and it would appear that the idea never hit anyone else.

Very simply put, it would be a new twist on the (barely touched anyway) Ranma/Highlander crossover fic. I've seen a couple of these in searching, but they always have Ranma becoming Immortal...which basically is Game over right there, because with Ranma's ability to learn anything but academics quickly, you know that he'll pick up swordfighting ("really, it's just a different Art") within hours, and once he does...well, even without skill, he could prolly take most any Immortal out there on pure speed, strength and undamageability. To me, that takes him out of the running...I've never liked to read, let alone write for, characters who aren't simply ridiculously overpowered by the standards of their world, but even more so for their new one. Besides, Ranma's been the main character in just about every continuation fic out there, even though, with the exception of finalising his breaks from his fiancees, there's not much left for canon-Ranma at that point. On the other hand, there's another character, fleshed out as effectively as any other character in that series and further expanded on by fanon that doesn't contradict canon, who faces some beyond-bizarre circumstances in books 35 and 36 (American numbering; Japan somehow wound up with 38 volumes instead)...Akane.

This would be a spoiler if anyone ever actually read this thing--at least for those who haven't read the end somewhere else before Viz finally got around to it here (final volume should be out in September, I think), but at the end of the series, Ranma's latest foes (the Phoenix Dynesty) kidnap Akane to Jusenkyo, where their Captain of the Guard tricks her into falling into a newly-dug spring, and takes advantage of the newly-created 'template spring' (which has results similar to those gained from a template form on the EGS transformation gun) to disguise herself as Akane--by cursing herself in the Akaneniichuan. That's the Spring of Drowned Akane, folks. The typical way of looking at this, of course, is that Akane was just nearly drowned, then fished out...I get that. I also, however, get that later, in the final book, Akane is turned into a doll, and a key plot point is that if she's not exposed to cold magical water from the source of Jusenkyo before the doll's eyes close, she'll die. By the time she's rehydrated, though, her eyes have closed...and yet, four or five minutes later, her heart restarts and she returns Ranma's half-embrace (incidentally, she's also conscious enough to hear him finally admit his love...which action he, still being Ranma, isn't even totally aware of). Just where have we seen a character wind up clinically dead, then come to whole and healthy three to five minutes later? That's right, various Immortals have done it all the time!

As for Akane's partner, well, romantically, Ranma might still be eligible (though perhaps not...even if you reject, as I plan to, the part of Highlander canon that every Immortal's a foundling...which would disqualify Akane from an ability to unite the schools, there's still the undeniable fact that all Immortals are sterile or barren, which I have no intention of playing with). On the other hand, an Immortal needs guidance from someone who's come before, or they don't stay on the right side of the ground very long. While Duncan would seem a perfect choice (he did, after all, get that katana from its original maker), I'm not interested in playing around with that character too much either. If Richie Ryan were alive, I might saddle him with Akane as an apprentice, but what I'm looking for on this one is a continuation in both universes. And there's a character in the Highlander universe that I hate the 'final' fate of, with a passion. No, it's not Amanda, either...her actions at the end of Highlander: the Raven make perfect sense. Those of Nick Wolfe, on the other hand, don't...and seem pretty likely to get him killed quickly. After all, he stalks off (in the middle of Paris, where he basically has no standing except as the other partner in Amanda's agency) with neither a sword, nor any training. If the next Immortal he meets is looking for a fight rather than an apprentice, he's a goner. On the other hand, with the exception of running afoul of a creep who poisoned him, Nick's been leading a pretty charmed life for the year leading up to his becoming immortal...and Duncan spends half his time in Paris, too. Sounds like a match made in heaven to me, particularly since Duncan's lost his previous student...and then, once Nick sets out on his own, he can be the one to hook up with Akane and train her. Unfortunately, that's all I can come up with...I can't even dig up any new villains or anything. There's the potential for two separate love triangles (though I might gag, myself, on the idea of Akane/Nick...he was almost 40 when Amanda shot him...on the other hand, Akane at this point would be 18)--Akane/Ranma/Nick, and, if the Akane/Nick pairing goes anywhere, Akane/Nick/Amanda (you didn't think she'd be gone forever, did you?)...but that's about all the interpersonal I can visualise by myself. What I'd like is to be put in touch with someone who can either plot and write it themself, or give me the hints I'd need to get it going on my own...because this thing is driving me crazier than Chrysicat's World right now, which is virtually impossible!

That's not the only fic idea I have, either. Within the Ranma side of things, and also either not touched or not touched properly, are an alt-fic where Nodoka's madness is just a little different from our reality, leading her to grasp at a technicality to protect Ranma from having to seppuku while preserving family honour: "The pact was between my husband, myself, and my son, Ranma. I made no such pact with my daughter, Ranko." In addition, I've always thought that Ranma and Akane, while they made the best pair in the manga, had something missing that would have made it clear to everyone they were the golden pair of the work, while bringing in all sorts of other problems...just curse Akane from the Spring of the Drowned Man, particularly since onna-Ranma makes a better woman than a man, really...and run things from there. This actually opens up a whole different universe, in which I have a few different of which involves a time-travelling daughter...and to say more would probably spoil it. Unfortunatley, once again, on these I'm thwarted by the falling popularity of Ranmafic (which had a high-water mark at a point when I hadn't yet discovered fanfic, although the series being officially concluded in the Englsih world might lead to a resugence), and my lack of skill as a pure writer. It's too bad...I really would like to put these ideas out for public consumption...and once again, any help (except mental, wiseacre) is appreciated.

I'd also like mass quantities of other ideas, actually, and now if I had the skill, I could! For those who haven't heard, as of 27 June, the Mailing List (though I doubt rec.arts.anime.creative) has been opened to posting of any SF/Fantasy-inspitred Western-sourced content, including comics, books, live-action series, and animation (which, I guess, means there's finally a place for you to post that Spiral Zone fic you've been working on but need C&C for). Along with attracting new blood to the List, it's a survival strategy for an online institution that apparently was wasting away to nothing...though I haven't seen it, as its rebirth quite literally coincided precisely with my joining. Weird...

Anyway, anyone else interested in reading the highest-quality fanfic before it gets posted to any Website, go to the FAQ and follow the instructions to subscribe to the FFML! They really are looking for new blood--and I'm still looking for basic help!
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