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This is DEFINITELY one for the LJ...


Several years ago (it might even be 2001--definitely it was no later than 2002) I attended an open call for talent from the John Robert Powers Agency branch in town. I didn't quite make the grade; I never have had an agent. After missing the cut, I pretty much wrote off ever becoming an actress. Well, that makes not being one a well-laid plan, and you know what they say about even the best-laid ones...:P

An hour ago, I received a call right out of the blue telling me that I'd tested quite well all those years ago, and that the agency wants me to come in for the latest open camera call this Saturday at 2 PM!

I don't know how to respond. Actually, check that...I do. The proper response is probably panic. I mean, I'm at least three years older, I've got a bit of a weight probolem, and my hair's currently a disaster. I guess I'll need to get a good, attractive hairdo tomorrow, then try to track down someplace that can give me a 2-day turnaround on headshots...'cause of course I never bothered to have any taken! I mean, I was turned down for representation by a Denver office, right? Well, even if I have downgraded a little, I'm still out to make sure that since opportunity knocked twice, I don't blow this one. Hmmp...maybe they'll even submit me for some L.A.-based work...I wouldn't have turned that down before, and you better believe that having a BF out that way makes me want an assignment there all the more...
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