Chrysicat (chrysicat) wrote,

I wear my cross on my sleeve. It isn't upside-down. Not even being TS'll change that...

Three things regarding this Ambra Nykol and her sycophants:

first, *gag*

second, what will her ilk do in however long it takes to make t-people 'fully functional', if you know what I mean? The day is coming...maybe not as soon as it would have without Ambra's ideological equals running one of the earth's major powers (well, OK, probably about as soon, just that Americans'll be left out for decades after the final breakthroughs in organ generation are taken care of), but it is coming.

And third, I'm just as Christian as she is...I'd appreciate a few less people looking at this bullstuff that Paul wrote, which often directly contradicts Christ's words, and seeing it as God/dess' own words, completely un-filtered.The Bible was written by human hands holding Earthly pens, not miraculously generated on previously-blank scrolls with bands of heavenly fire (even though *** had proven that particular trick could be pulled...). Even if these mortal men who wrote the Bible were divinely inspired (by the way, they were), they were not divine themselves. The one person to walk the Earth who was, though he was totally literate, never wrote anything down.

Because the others were merely mortal, and especially since God/dess didn't 'speak to' speak to most of 'em, one really cannot fully accept what a book says unless she knows that the book's author wasn't merely passing along personal prejudice. We don't know that we can count on that from Paul the Tarsan...indeed, it's likely we cannot. Where in any of Paul's writing do we see even a hint of the New Covenant to which the book of Acts circumspectly refers? And moreover, where, even in the Epistles of Paul, is there any suggestion that somehow a Christian, once she accepts the salvation of Christ, is somehow turned into this Godly vessel incapable of doing any wrong (the key, as I understand it, to the Evangelical belief that a human in tune with Christ can be somehow recognised just on site)? What exactly are they saying? "God/dess gave us free will, but the proper use of said free will is to make one last decision with it...namely, to accept Christ, and after that, if we're true believers and truly saved, He'll over-ride our free will"? I know, fundies not only don't say that's their belief, they outright say it isn't their way of looking at it. All right, then, w do they universally say that anyone who isn't intolerant in a way Christ never was, is not a real Christian, because Christ can't live in her haeart? The LORD on Earth said that all who add from His word, or who added to it, were stricken from His good graces because of it. What are those doing, who reject the New Covenant, who in effect accept the idea that with Christ in our heart, we all become pliant Christbots, who'll not only know precisely what to do in any moral case, but will always agree with God/dess's decisions, as spelt out by the pastor of the local archconservative congregation, but adding volumes to what Jesus said? If those pastors are not adding volumes to what was said, then can you please tell me precisely what we are describing? If they are, then just how many people have been damned by folloing these false prophest' instructions? More to come a llittl elater, when I have enough consciousness to reliably write...:P
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