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Gastroenterology today...explanations tomorrow?

Well, a year after I stupidly put off my GE referral, I finally have a consultation scheduled...and it's a good thing, as I don't know that I can keep anything down anymore...the last straw was just tonight, when I ate one of my family's more commmon meals of tempura shrimp. A full five-plus hours later, I finally gacked up...well, it was definitely chitin, but I also know that while I may privately criticise Mother's cooking, she's very good about making sure that shrimp get shelled before they go in the batter. I can only speculate, particularly since there was enough to belong to one whole shrimp, that I can't even quite digest the interior content of shrimp (or other seafood) right now. Since I have a thing for shellfish, this isn't something I want to think about...:(

That said, I just hope that he can come up with something. According to Mother, gastroenterologists are virtually worthless. 'Course, I'm prolly just boring people by discussing this...*blush*
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