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Finally...some good news..

Washington State may have managed to keep homosexuality out of its anti-discrimination law (thanks in no small part to Microsoft pulling its support!), but of all places, my home state, for all its troubles over the years, has now managed to vote down a 'defence of marriage' law and pass a version of anti-discrimination legislation that not only includes homosexuality, but transsexuality too!

Of course, my life having been what it is, I don't even need to wait for the other shoe to drop...I can already tell what's hanging over our heads.  First off, that's merely the House the bill passed...and, if this one gets out of the Senate (unlikely...Democrats have a slimmer majority in the Senate), I suspect we can absolutely count on it meeting a veto pen...or, worse yet, being pocket-vetoed (the Colorado legislative season is short enough that even a bill going to Owens's desk two days ago would already be within the pocket-veto timeframe). 

Even if, by some miracle, Owens had his heart and mind opened and signed the bill, another massive obstacle stands in our way.  As I've pointed out before, once King George gets to name his Supreme Court justices, an awful lot of what's now un-constitutional...won't be.  Namely, anything that went out of play due to the 'right to privacy' will once again become theoretically constitutional, and subject at least to a fresh test.  What's this have to do with the anti-discrimination law?  Well, just in case I need to remind you, Colorado still has a well-earned reputation as the Hate State thanks to a little segment of its Constitution known as Amendment Two ((note:this link may be down every Sunday between 7AM and 3PM GMT (Midnight and 8AM Mountain Time)...the college hosting it does unbelievably massive amounts of maintenance, and I'm not sure if the students' accounts server is included!)).  Unfortunately, Colorado also has voters disinclined to take even obsolete statutes off the books, let alone Constitutional language.  This, of course, suggests to this admitted non-attorney that should anything put Two back into any position other than 'confirmed as un-constitutional' (say, maybe, a ruling on the disturbingly similar, yet even more homophobic, Nebraska constitutional language from two years ago that falls in favour of the State), then every protection given to us damnfags will be gone until such time (assuming it happens) that Two's declared un-constitutional again.

Maybe I shouldn't be so down, considering the good news, but what civil liberties have actually been gained, anywhere in America, since the end of the Clinton Administration?  Still, it's nice to see some advancement in-state, even if I know it's just a mirage...`
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