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Ruminations of a trans(?)girl
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Wednesday, February 12th, 2014
5:00 am
Tuesday, November 7th, 2006
10:29 pm
Congratulations, Colorado fags (most likely including TS).

You have the option of voting with your feet.
Tuesday, August 1st, 2006
5:17 am
Hmmmpf...getting de-friended sucks...I wonder why rynchan and teichan took me off, and why I was never added to mattkatt's...oh, well...maybe better luck to come from my latest two adds, though I dunno, since they're both famous Webcomic creators and I'm responsible for...well...the verbal half of a certain pile of garbage...

Current Mood: cautiously hopeful
3:16 am
I think I'm pretty safe posting this one...
Although I plan to get political soon, assuming that what I want to write at that point doesn't get me TOS'd (not a guaranteed safety by any chance on that one). I think I'll bounce that one off Vasty (who really needs to get an LJ) first...he knows what I said and prolly has a better chance than me at judging whether it'd be a TOSup...

The Objection! meme is currently facing Article for Deletion status at this house of notability-whores [why yes, I am trying to start an obscure Google-bomb; why do you ask?], and because WP have become increasingly strict about its 'guidelines' (who's kidding whom; they're rules by now!), particularly consuming notability as WP define it, it's sure to get axed. This isn't a request for anyone to go in and re-create it; they've also become a whole lot less tolerant about that and rather than sending it back to AfD or even just speedying it to its doom, they'll speedy it and permanently protect the article from re-creation. What it is, is a note that a lot of Wikipedia pages on Webmemes and Websites wouldn't pass AfD if they were nominated today, particularly memes where the requirement is now 'mention in at least two MSM sources'. Ummm...'less I'm highly mistaken, that even leaves Badgers open for deletion...I know I was sent to it numerous times, but I don't know that I've ever heard of an MSM reference to it...or even to Weebl and Bob at all. Still, Wikipedia have made their decision, and since the mod/admins there seem to be in lockstep these days, there's zero reason to try to argue that maybe, just maybe they should stick to what worked for 7 years and keep writing the memes that wind up getting hit by a large portion of the populace.

So, given that that's no longer an option, let's go ahead and give in...the way the current bosses would have it, wikipedia isn't the source for information on a meme which once ran 'tound the entire Net. If we don't want it to be completely impossible to understand for someone too young to have been there, though, we need a source. I'm asking that someone volunteer a server for the purpose of setting up an internet-meme wiki, similar to the actions taken by the folks at Comixpedia when it became clear that Wikipedia's latest notability guidelines would no longer give Webcomics any sort of pass (if it wasn't as 'publicly notable' as /., and not in a relative, but an absolute sense, it was now eligible and desirable for deletion). Just what am I asking then? Very simply put, first go in and find any meme that's currently in AfD status. Go into Edit, grab every last character from the edit box in a C&P, and paste it into one of your text-editors, then save it as a plaintext file. When our new Memeopedia or Wikimeme is up and running, go to the page you preserved in this fashion and paste the text-file back into place, thus preserving the article without running afoul of the Wikiregime. Then, go find a meme article that isn't currently pending deletion, AfD it yourself, and save it the same way. Let's teach the editors that if they really want this type of 'notability', it'll leave nothing but a scorched HD for most all the web-based content, especially memes. Anyone with me? This time I'd really like some feedback...and especially a volunteer who can throw a small server our way (can't be me...I've got an offline Athlon 500 tower that I keep planning to convert to run 'nix. but I also have a whole 512KBps DSL connection that tends to max-download at 30KBps--plus I'm out of ways to connect the compies I do have, and anyway, installing a wireless card on Linux is next ta impossible...now if I coiuld get a boot of OSX...*drools*).

Current Mood: irked
Wednesday, July 19th, 2006
9:01 am
It seems I'm really good at getting to places right at their big moment of change...
I'm not sure if I've ever mentioned it in here before, but I'm a fan of fanfic...which, about a month ago, led me to join r.a.a.c. and the FFML--the Fan Fiction Mailing List (no shots at how retro that is...I know that I can be a throwback sometimes in what parts of cyberspace I'm willing to use--after all, I'm on LJ, not MySpace, right? :P ). After a nightmare trying to deal with the gatekeeper program for the FFML (I just wasn't receiving a registration email, and I was trying desperately), I finally wrote off the whole idea a week later as something that just wouldn't happen. Yesterday, though, I downloaded messages for my business account, and lo and behold, there were 1000+ new messages in there (mainly not spam either)! It turns out that my beggity-begging to the list admins did get through, and they subscribed me on the spot. Unfortunately, they also subscribed me under the email address belonging to my business gmail account, most likely because they responded to the path in the header rather than the reply-to, because I know I used [myname (at) gmail.com] as my identity when sending that email...but had been using the outgoing server under my alternate identity. Oh, well, at least I'm on, which gives me access to fanfic that typically meets a higher standard than what you'll find at ffnet... Still, I'm less than eager to submit anything (even a C&C), because if I do, I'll have put my last name (which I've been carefully excising from any appearances online) back out in semi-public. I guess one of these days I should bug the list-admins again and ask if they can subscribe my main identity and drop the other one...

Of course, I'm quite a ways off from being able to post anything anyway...while I like to think that my dialogue skills are high-quality, the rest of my fiction-writing tools range from 'rusty' to 'not there'. I mean, think about what happened the one time that I tried to write a TC Period...ten months of floundering around, two of which I provided the base concepts on but even basic plot points got provided by someone else. Still, I've got a lot of concepts I've never seen anyone else use, all of them called into my mind by little various points that came up in the course of the original stories. A lot of the time it's crossover ideas, and I know how well-valued those are in the mainstream thanks to various butcheries that have been read by the wrong people...but then again, a lot of those types already think I'm involved in an online travesty ]I would post competing opinions, but so far as reviews go, right now it seems like people think Triquetra Cats is the Little Man of internet graphic fiction...and considering what else is out there (I almost posted links, but both of the ones I was thinking about are beyond NSFW to basically being NSFAO, I think I'll pass, and the other idea I originally had would just be digging up an old feud best left buried if the other guy ever figured out I'd linked to his site!)] anyway. Still, all I can seem to come up with is a few ideas, with one in particular continually bothering me like a mosquito bite on the brain. The really fun part is that I've done a deep websearch, and it would appear that the idea never hit anyone else.

Very simply put, it would be a new twist on the (barely touched anyway) Ranma/Highlander crossover fic. I've seen a couple of these in searching, but they always have Ranma becoming Immortal...which basically is Game over right there, because with Ranma's ability to learn anything but academics quickly, you know that he'll pick up swordfighting ("really, it's just a different Art") within hours, and once he does...well, even without skill, he could prolly take most any Immortal out there on pure speed, strength and undamageability. To me, that takes him out of the running...I've never liked to read, let alone write for, characters who aren't simply ridiculously overpowered by the standards of their world, but even more so for their new one. Besides, Ranma's been the main character in just about every continuation fic out there, even though, with the exception of finalising his breaks from his fiancees, there's not much left for canon-Ranma at that point. On the other hand, there's another character, fleshed out as effectively as any other character in that series and further expanded on by fanon that doesn't contradict canon, who faces some beyond-bizarre circumstances in books 35 and 36 (American numbering; Japan somehow wound up with 38 volumes instead)...Akane.

This would be a spoiler if anyone ever actually read this thing--at least for those who haven't read the end somewhere else before Viz finally got around to it here (final volume should be out in September, I think), but at the end of the series, Ranma's latest foes (the Phoenix Dynesty) kidnap Akane to Jusenkyo, where their Captain of the Guard tricks her into falling into a newly-dug spring, and takes advantage of the newly-created 'template spring' (which has results similar to those gained from a template form on the EGS transformation gun) to disguise herself as Akane--by cursing herself in the Akaneniichuan. That's the Spring of Drowned Akane, folks. The typical way of looking at this, of course, is that Akane was just nearly drowned, then fished out...I get that. I also, however, get that later, in the final book, Akane is turned into a doll, and a key plot point is that if she's not exposed to cold magical water from the source of Jusenkyo before the doll's eyes close, she'll die. By the time she's rehydrated, though, her eyes have closed...and yet, four or five minutes later, her heart restarts and she returns Ranma's half-embrace (incidentally, she's also conscious enough to hear him finally admit his love...which action he, still being Ranma, isn't even totally aware of). Just where have we seen a character wind up clinically dead, then come to whole and healthy three to five minutes later? That's right, various Immortals have done it all the time!

As for Akane's partner, well, romantically, Ranma might still be eligible (though perhaps not...even if you reject, as I plan to, the part of Highlander canon that every Immortal's a foundling...which would disqualify Akane from an ability to unite the schools, there's still the undeniable fact that all Immortals are sterile or barren, which I have no intention of playing with). On the other hand, an Immortal needs guidance from someone who's come before, or they don't stay on the right side of the ground very long. While Duncan would seem a perfect choice (he did, after all, get that katana from its original maker), I'm not interested in playing around with that character too much either. If Richie Ryan were alive, I might saddle him with Akane as an apprentice, but what I'm looking for on this one is a continuation in both universes. And there's a character in the Highlander universe that I hate the 'final' fate of, with a passion. No, it's not Amanda, either...her actions at the end of Highlander: the Raven make perfect sense. Those of Nick Wolfe, on the other hand, don't...and seem pretty likely to get him killed quickly. After all, he stalks off (in the middle of Paris, where he basically has no standing except as the other partner in Amanda's agency) with neither a sword, nor any training. If the next Immortal he meets is looking for a fight rather than an apprentice, he's a goner. On the other hand, with the exception of running afoul of a creep who poisoned him, Nick's been leading a pretty charmed life for the year leading up to his becoming immortal...and Duncan spends half his time in Paris, too. Sounds like a match made in heaven to me, particularly since Duncan's lost his previous student...and then, once Nick sets out on his own, he can be the one to hook up with Akane and train her. Unfortunately, that's all I can come up with...I can't even dig up any new villains or anything. There's the potential for two separate love triangles (though I might gag, myself, on the idea of Akane/Nick...he was almost 40 when Amanda shot him...on the other hand, Akane at this point would be 18)--Akane/Ranma/Nick, and, if the Akane/Nick pairing goes anywhere, Akane/Nick/Amanda (you didn't think she'd be gone forever, did you?)...but that's about all the interpersonal I can visualise by myself. What I'd like is to be put in touch with someone who can either plot and write it themself, or give me the hints I'd need to get it going on my own...because this thing is driving me crazier than Chrysicat's World right now, which is virtually impossible!

That's not the only fic idea I have, either. Within the Ranma side of things, and also either not touched or not touched properly, are an alt-fic where Nodoka's madness is just a little different from our reality, leading her to grasp at a technicality to protect Ranma from having to seppuku while preserving family honour: "The pact was between my husband, myself, and my son, Ranma. I made no such pact with my daughter, Ranko." In addition, I've always thought that Ranma and Akane, while they made the best pair in the manga, had something missing that would have made it clear to everyone they were the golden pair of the work, while bringing in all sorts of other problems...just curse Akane from the Spring of the Drowned Man, particularly since onna-Ranma makes a better woman than a man, really...and run things from there. This actually opens up a whole different universe, in which I have a few different ideas...one of which involves a time-travelling daughter...and to say more would probably spoil it. Unfortunatley, once again, on these I'm thwarted by the falling popularity of Ranmafic (which had a high-water mark at a point when I hadn't yet discovered fanfic, although the series being officially concluded in the Englsih world might lead to a resugence), and my lack of skill as a pure writer. It's too bad...I really would like to put these ideas out for public consumption...and once again, any help (except mental, wiseacre) is appreciated.

I'd also like mass quantities of other ideas, actually, and now if I had the skill, I could! For those who haven't heard, as of 27 June, the Mailing List (though I doubt rec.arts.anime.creative) has been opened to posting of any SF/Fantasy-inspitred Western-sourced content, including comics, books, live-action series, and animation (which, I guess, means there's finally a place for you to post that Spiral Zone fic you've been working on but need C&C for). Along with attracting new blood to the List, it's a survival strategy for an online institution that apparently was wasting away to nothing...though I haven't seen it, as its rebirth quite literally coincided precisely with my joining. Weird...

Anyway, anyone else interested in reading the highest-quality fanfic before it gets posted to any Website, go to the FAQ and follow the instructions to subscribe to the FFML! They really are looking for new blood--and I'm still looking for basic help!

Current Mood: busy
Sunday, April 2nd, 2006
9:13 am
Well, that's weird...go trolling around (no, not that way, evil-minded bastards!!) on various other webcomic/webmanga sites and see your own logo on the Keenime newsbox...I know, theoretically, it should happen, but still...that's an awful lot of titles out there for it to hit ours...

Current Mood: surprised
Sunday, December 4th, 2005
4:29 am
Fuuun...I just received an email containing information about a $30 Paypal donation for TC. The only problem is, it's in the form of a direct charge from a credit-card, rather than being from a Paypal account...which means I have to go to a fee-based account if I want the money. I've forwarded the message to Jess to see what she says, but I really don't see how I can pass up even what would be an effective 29 bucks...

Current Mood: contemplative
Tuesday, October 25th, 2005
6:40 am
*casts resurrection on the LJ*
Hi...sorry to take so long between entries again, but I got into my usual bad habits with the coming of school *blushes*. Anyway...

I was coming home from acting workshoppe tonight (yes, I took Powers up on their offer) and decided to pick up a copy of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, which I then proceeded to start playing a little after one in the morning.

WARNING: the following cut conceals a vid-game review. If you don't like them (either games or amateur reviews), don't click!Collapse )

Yeah, I know, I just took up nearly a page with a game review, and on a game that's been out for almost a month already. Expect more of the same whenever I buy a reasonably-recent game in future...I have that addictive personality that'll at least get me playing for a reasonable amount of time before I do anything else once I've bought a game...

In other Kat news, I'm gonna fail Women's History again. I swear, I'm just gonna stop taking that course...maybe I'll re-try it in like final semester senior year, if I've secured my grad requirements. Of course, first I'll have to be a student again, and Mother's rule is that won't happen until at least Spring Semester 2008 (I have to be in the workforce for at least two years after my most recent 'getting-kicked-out' experience). With luck (and the passage of Referenda C and D is the biggest part of that), there'll still be state schools in Colorado then. If not...well, admittedly, my parents can pay private-school birbe--errrr...I mean 'tuition'...but still, I might be better off trying to establish residency in another state...at least then, tuition would eventually go back down. Were it not for the minor issue that my living expenses would approach Daddy's (and he's setting up housekeeping in London before Christmas!), I'd lean towards California...after all, that's where my BF is. Oh, well, God/dess seems to ever provide...though I'd appreciate it if *** would hurry and provide a totally-female body...

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Monday, August 29th, 2005
2:25 am
Say goodbye to the Big Easy...
It's hard to be writing this...after all, I've never seen a city wiped off the map in such a way that it never rose again...but very simply put, if any city can't recover from being under twenty-five feet of water, New Orleans would have to be high on the list. After all, the water-level over the city would still be nearly fifty feet below the level of the sea only 30 or so miles away. Even if the amount of water swamping the city is able to be pumped away this time, it's a city of wooden buildings, which won't hold up at all well in any sort of flooding, let alone an inundation that leaves nothing of the French Qurter above the surface.

And I'm this depressed without even having a friend or relative who lived (yes, lived...as of September, the present tense will be un-suitable for any Orleanian) within a hundred miles of the place. The closest I come is Uncle Steve, one side of whose family had bayou roots and who got out to the Easy for the occasional trip. Still, I would have liked to try Mardi Gras some year...I guess it's out forever now.

I only hope that the US take the right lessons from this. What with global warming, there will, from now on, be Cat 5 storms every year, up until one of them Red Spots and never dies. We can't, or at least won't, be bothered to do a thing about stopping the cause, so we have to face the effect. Very simply, that means that we need to clear people out of any area that would face nearly as much trouble as New Orleans were a Cat 5 to hit there. That means Florida in particular...a state where no place is more than seventy miles from salt-water, and which doesn't rise higher than a hundred feet above sea-level, is a place that can't be populated by even two people if it can be hit by a hurricane. This is particularly true when virtually all Atlantic-spawned storms will hit somewhere in Florida...by contrast, the Eastern Seaboard above the Space Coast, and the Western Gulf, may face a devastating storm once every decade or two. In every area except the toe of Louisiana, that would mean a rebuild on the level of, or just above, the ones that my home state faces after an earthquake, or my adopted home city after a nasty blizzard...the whole area would be at a standstill for at least a week, many buildings would need massive repairs, and millions of people would be inconvenienced, but the city could dust itself off. Admittedly, Florida's shown a tendency to do so as well, but...

I just can't stop thinking that something about that state, like its location that basically serves as a breakwater for the rest of the continent, makes it a place no one should actually live in. Additionally, in later stages, I might be inclined to eveacuate even the cmparatively low-risk areas still prone to get hit (ex-best-friend Miles's hatred for Houston, and my natural bias against all but the most-liberal, rebellious Southerners may or may not have anything to do with that). Still, the main reason I wrote this was to mourn the loss of New Orleans and whosoever wasn't able to get out before the storm hit...and to bitch about how stupid the networks are. Why are some of their top talent assigned to Red Cross shelters within the evacuation area? For that matter, it's an evacuation area--actually, in this case, more of an abandonment area--WTF are any humans still doing within the perimeter? If the roads were too crowded to evac people, they should have thinned out a lot after the current wave of expatriates finished their drives...

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Tuesday, August 16th, 2005
4:52 pm
This is DEFINITELY one for the LJ...

Several years ago (it might even be 2001--definitely it was no later than 2002) I attended an open call for talent from the John Robert Powers Agency branch in town. I didn't quite make the grade; I never have had an agent. After missing the cut, I pretty much wrote off ever becoming an actress. Well, that makes not being one a well-laid plan, and you know what they say about even the best-laid ones...:P

An hour ago, I received a call right out of the blue telling me that I'd tested quite well all those years ago, and that the agency wants me to come in for the latest open camera call this Saturday at 2 PM!

I don't know how to respond. Actually, check that...I do. The proper response is probably panic. I mean, I'm at least three years older, I've got a bit of a weight probolem, and my hair's currently a disaster. I guess I'll need to get a good, attractive hairdo tomorrow, then try to track down someplace that can give me a 2-day turnaround on headshots...'cause of course I never bothered to have any taken! I mean, I was turned down for representation by a Denver office, right? Well, even if I have downgraded a little, I'm still out to make sure that since opportunity knocked twice, I don't blow this one. Hmmp...maybe they'll even submit me for some L.A.-based work...I wouldn't have turned that down before, and you better believe that having a BF out that way makes me want an assignment there all the more...

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Monday, August 15th, 2005
11:12 am
I am an evil, evil person deserving only of scorn and punishment...
No, don't worry...I haven't turned suicidal (who threw in that 'again' as an aside?).

It's worse...

Those few people who know me IRL might or might not be aware that the family picked up (against my protests) a dog at the beginning of June. Sturgis, as he's known, is over 75 pounds of pure 2 1/2-year-old muscle. He's a Lab-Boxer mix, most likely with several other breeds thrown in (I'd suspect Greyhound from his speed and his lack of endurance). He's also obedient only to Daddy, Mother, and Karyn. At this moment, none of them are capable of caring for him; the 'rents are on a house-hunting trip to London, while the school where K teaches is back in session. That leaves me with the responsibility of dealing with the dog.

Unfortunately, I don't know if anyone told the dog; if they did, he didn't pay much attention. I can't even get him to do his business...from the day when my parents left, I came home and immediately tried to get him to go, since they'd been in such a hurry to get out to the airport that they couldn't do so themselves. I stood out there for twenty minutes while he stayed virtually in one place, and acted as if he'd never had to eliminate in his life. I got the same response every time I left the house with him, save for one time when he walked virtually the entire perimeter of our 2.8-acre property. That involved dragging me through high grass, and worse, all that it led to was his wetting very lightly three times...marking territory, don'cha know? I jiust happen to develop contact dermatitis when I touch almost any sort of grass with my bare skin, so if that was the only way I was going to be able to get him to do even that much, it was going to be a long, enflamed week until Mother returned. I was spared such a fate mainly because Karyn, in her final week before returning to school, found the time to come over here at least once, sometimes twice, a day, and he's actually willing to drop for her. She eventually decided that what was getting results (including the only messes made by the stupid animal since Monday) was that she was playing ball with him and I wasn't. As a result, with her being unable to play today (it's a planning-day for her school, preceding resumption of classes tomorrow), she told me in no uncertain terms that I had to play ball with him, and maybe that would actually produce some results as his garbage turned to jelly from the running involved.

There were major issues to deal with. Over his time here, the damned animal has proved himself to have certain tendencies of which he can't be broken. Like our previous dog, he's an instinctive chaser. Unlike our previous dog, no amount of peventive measures can keep him from making a move against anything he considers prey. That's never a great thing when you live in a small blot of ponderosa forest which contains at least one herd of deer. As a result of all that, even Mother and Karyn normally keep him on-leash at virtually all times.

Ball can't be played off-leash. As soon as I released his lead, he started refusing to stay in a position where he could see the ball; I kept trying to maneouvre onto his left shoulder so that he could see, but he just kept moving himself over to a position ahead of and to the left of me. Then, he took off like a guided missile...or like the hound I suspect him to be largely composed of. I learnt at that point that the other way in which he differs from the previous dog is that when he's in chase mode, he becomes totally un-responsive to verbal command. I also learnt, a matter of seconds later, that the local deer don't know how to jump fences, even though they've been here for longer than the oldest deer have been living, are composed merely of wire and maybe a few 2*4's, and reach only to about a metre high, if that. He first chased two into the section of property running back towards the road; this time, since there were two, one was able to distract him when the other hit the fence in a blind panic, long enough for that one to get loose and find the only opening in the fence on the entire property. At the point when the deer left the back yard, the dog was about a metre and a half behind her; I stepped directly into his path as soon as the poor terrified creature had passed. Thankfully, the one thing the dog won't do is attack a human even if she stops him from a certain kill; he was gaining on Miss Deer as I intervened. Unfortunately, what I wasn't aware of is that the other deer had instead decided to bed down in a spot about 5 metres from the boundary of our property on the side away from the road. It came into view precisely once, for two seconds, just as I was throwing the ball in the same direction, and the dog (apparently not able to learn a lesson even when he was stopped in the act!) took off as though he had a JATO device strapped to him. This time there was only the one deer on the premises, so the distraction trick didn't work; I couldn't get over quickly enough to intervene, either (particularly since I was trying not to go in there, since it was where the long grass and the nasty shrubbery grew). I breathed a sigh of relief when the rattling of something hitting the fence in a panic stopped and a deer came trotting away from the furthest corner of our yard on the far side of the fence, but when I arrived at the spot where the dog was sitting and looking proud, I saw a neighbor stroking him and a fawn, still alive, but with a broken neck, not a metre away. I wanted to break the dog's neck, as well; certainly, petting him was totally out. Completely un-surprising to me, he didn't once even wet, let alone dump, during the entire nearly 20 minutes I was out with him. That's right; even if he hadn't killed a deer, the attempt would have been a failure!

It's my fault. The dog at least makes a show of obeying the others, but something about me has him convinced that I can be blithely ignored at all times. Admittedly, when Mother and Karyn brought him home, I spit, arched my back, and puffed my tail as much as did Natsumi, but still...I'm a human. By definition, every last human is superior to every last canine; if not, you get not only deer-killing, cat-killing dogs, but dogs that do harm to people as well, as they 'correct' them in the way they would any inferior in their pack. I'm almost glad that it'll take an un-qualified miracle to have children; if he sees me as beta enough to totally ignore, he'd most likely see any future Chrysikittens as inferiors who could be chastised...right to the point of nearly biting off their faces! If there's any bright side, his disobedience to me extends so far that he even refuses to eat for me. On the other hand, that's still not all that great of news; my parents actually like him and have made it clear that if anything happens to him, I'll be held responsible and really regret the event. His unwillingness to do literally anything for me apparently isn't a mitigating factor here, and since the current plan is for Mother to commute between Denver and London, leaving the dog here, I have a lot more of this to look forward to...if 'look forward' is the right term. Shoot me now, please?

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Friday, August 5th, 2005
5:13 am
I wear my cross on my sleeve. It isn't upside-down. Not even being TS'll change that...
Three things regarding this Ambra Nykol and her sycophants:

first, *gag*

second, what will her ilk do in however long it takes to make t-people 'fully functional', if you know what I mean? The day is coming...maybe not as soon as it would have without Ambra's ideological equals running one of the earth's major powers (well, OK, probably about as soon, just that Americans'll be left out for decades after the final breakthroughs in organ generation are taken care of), but it is coming.

And third, I'm just as Christian as she is...I'd appreciate a few less people looking at this bullstuff that Paul wrote, which often directly contradicts Christ's words, and seeing it as God/dess' own words, completely un-filtered.The Bible was written by human hands holding Earthly pens, not miraculously generated on previously-blank scrolls with bands of heavenly fire (even though *** had proven that particular trick could be pulled...). Even if these mortal men who wrote the Bible were divinely inspired (by the way, they were), they were not divine themselves. The one person to walk the Earth who was, though he was totally literate, never wrote anything down.

Because the others were merely mortal, and especially since God/dess didn't 'speak to' speak to most of 'em, one really cannot fully accept what a book says unless she knows that the book's author wasn't merely passing along personal prejudice. We don't know that we can count on that from Paul the Tarsan...indeed, it's likely we cannot. Where in any of Paul's writing do we see even a hint of the New Covenant to which the book of Acts circumspectly refers? And moreover, where, even in the Epistles of Paul, is there any suggestion that somehow a Christian, once she accepts the salvation of Christ, is somehow turned into this Godly vessel incapable of doing any wrong (the key, as I understand it, to the Evangelical belief that a human in tune with Christ can be somehow recognised just on site)? What exactly are they saying? "God/dess gave us free will, but the proper use of said free will is to make one last decision with it...namely, to accept Christ, and after that, if we're true believers and truly saved, He'll over-ride our free will"? I know, fundies not only don't say that's their belief, they outright say it isn't their way of looking at it. All right, then, w do they universally say that anyone who isn't intolerant in a way Christ never was, is not a real Christian, because Christ can't live in her haeart? The LORD on Earth said that all who add from His word, or who added to it, were stricken from His good graces because of it. What are those doing, who reject the New Covenant, who in effect accept the idea that with Christ in our heart, we all become pliant Christbots, who'll not only know precisely what to do in any moral case, but will always agree with God/dess's decisions, as spelt out by the pastor of the local archconservative congregation, but adding volumes to what Jesus said? If those pastors are not adding volumes to what was said, then can you please tell me precisely what we are describing? If they are, then just how many people have been damned by folloing these false prophest' instructions? More to come a llittl elater, when I have enough consciousness to reliably write...:P
Monday, August 1st, 2005
2:32 am
Gastroenterology today...explanations tomorrow?
Well, a year after I stupidly put off my GE referral, I finally have a consultation scheduled...and it's a good thing, as I don't know that I can keep anything down anymore...the last straw was just tonight, when I ate one of my family's more commmon meals of tempura shrimp. A full five-plus hours later, I finally gacked up...well, it was definitely chitin, but I also know that while I may privately criticise Mother's cooking, she's very good about making sure that shrimp get shelled before they go in the batter. I can only speculate, particularly since there was enough to belong to one whole shrimp, that I can't even quite digest the interior content of shrimp (or other seafood) right now. Since I have a thing for shellfish, this isn't something I want to think about...:(

That said, I just hope that he can come up with something. According to Mother, gastroenterologists are virtually worthless. 'Course, I'm prolly just boring people by discussing this...*blush*

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Tuesday, July 26th, 2005
1:48 pm
As you may know, I'm a Christian...albeit not quite so obsessed with living a Godly life--and particularly with forcing others to lead a Godly life--as your average Christian these days. (As someone I can't remember off the top of my head asked, why did we make Him die for our sins if we're to be sin-less or nearly so?--I won't actively do evil, but nor will I go haring around witch-hunting:P) I'm also as straight as any human girl comes...but, because I'm TS, Messrs. Dobson, LaHaye et al. would lump me in faggyland. Why do I mention this? Because lately I keep having what can't be a good idea...

I feel almost called to write a premillenial apoco-fic...where at least some fags of various stripes get called up in the Rapture. Unfortunately, I know that as soon as any word got out that there were GLBT types who vanished...and self-righteous Phelpsies who didn't...I'd have no readership. Besides, I'm afraid the territory's been covered pretty well, and I read the Left Behind series (hey, as apocalyptic fiction, they aren't bad, if'n you ignore that these are Focus on The Family types who truly feel that for no reason they've ever been able to articulate, the West and the US in particular have to enforce God/dess's word on non-believers through a series of laws based on the most restrictive reading of the Old Testament--I swear, we're talking people who think the New Covenant means they can eat pork and that's it...!) too recently to let the concepts slip from my mind. Right now I'm thinking of coming back to the idea when LaHaye's poison isn't as fresh in my mind...

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Monday, July 25th, 2005
5:46 am
*snff* y'know, I liked the Keenspace name
Well, the change we've all been waiting for has finally come about and Keenspace is no more. Yeah, we have a year to officially remove all ties to it on our pages, but I went in and updated as soon as I got the opportunity...only to run into a pair of sitewide outages when I was trying to log into siteadmin (one of which actually occurred at such a time as to scotch a portion of my updated-ness!)

Do servers always have to be taken offline to update their data? If so, could someone please invent a new file-transfer protocol that doesn't require that step? I realise that it was set up to theoretically affect the fewest people, but half my Firefox session is now dead pages because it's composed of CG/Keenspace comics (including some that I was currently in the process of reading through the archives!).

I'm not pimping DrunkDuck, which I feel has more server issues than even CG, plus the added disadvantage of popups (I swear right now that I will never supject my audience to pop-ups; knowing that DD has 'em, I've repeatedly begged Jess to get off the site entirely!); I'm more saying that the sooner I can get in touch with Aubs and claim the promised webspace for TC and CCW, the better.

In other news, they'll be playing hockey this winter. Great...now I have to go back to finding excuses to be out of the living room on Avalanche game-nights (hockey as a whole leaves me cold...pun only slightly intended!).

Elsewhere in sports, Mark Kiszla last week suggested a relegation system in what we currently call Major-League Baseball. I dunno...the way he put it out, the most likely result would be that the first few teams relegated would never get out. They simply don't have the fan-bases to keep drawing anyone during the years when they're ineligible for post-season play...and anyway, the way he seems to put it, if the teams qualifying for reinstatement to the big leagues both originally hailed from the same league, they'd still have to go one into the NL and one into the AL for the following season. Can you imagine the screaming that would lead to when some club that spent their entire hundred-year history in the NL had a down year, managed to pick themselves up to earn reinstatement as the second-place club, and, because the first-place team were also historically tied to the NL, had to join the American League...and stay there until such time as they once again became so pitiful as to not qualify for an official membership in either league? *shakes her head* I really hope it's just Kisz trying to get a rise out of folks again...

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Monday, July 18th, 2005
11:24 am
News: now Bush won't fire anyone without a conviction. Views...ohhhh, you don't wanna know!!
So, comes today the news that HRH George I has gone back on his word and decided that leaking the name isn't the key; it had to be done in a criminal fashion.

Sinc e the wheels of justice move so slowly in official Washington, he's just basically come out and said he won't be firing anyone related to the CIA-agent affair...tell me this surprises you even a little bit.

In other news, looks like Daddy's going to be taking a position in London. That basically reduces me to praying that he and Mother keep the house in Colorado to retire to...and that she changes from her current leanings and actually lets me stay in it...certainly, as I've attained the age of majority, I can't just follow them over-seas (though the escape from the American Empire, even to a country quite so highly aligned with it, would be welcome). Oh, well...we'll see where this goes...

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Friday, July 8th, 2005
4:05 am
We are all Londoners...and sometime in the next year, we'll all be Parisiennes...and...
Well, not that we didn't sort of know it'd happen eventually, but Al-Quaeda has gone and attacked the West again. I wish it hadn't happened, but I'm not precisely shocked...nor do I think this is due solely to the G-8 conference in Scotland (if they wanted to hammer someone for that, there'd be better ways). Instead, my mind went immediately to London's being awarded the Olympics yesterday. I will go on record as saying that I believe A-Q most likely had on hand a contingency plan for every Olympic hopeful, and that London was just unfortunate enough to be the winner of the Olympic competition. By the same token, every future city granted an international event of any significance can also count on being struck by Al-Quaeda the next day, and that will remain true...for as long as anyone dreams of a Muslim world. I almost wish Paris had received the Olympics...then even France would realise there's a war out there that cannot be avoided.Read more...Collapse )

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Thursday, May 5th, 2005
2:19 am
Finally...some good news..
Washington State may have managed to keep homosexuality out of its anti-discrimination law (thanks in no small part to Microsoft pulling its support!), but of all places, my home state, for all its troubles over the years, has now managed to vote down a 'defence of marriage' law and pass a version of anti-discrimination legislation that not only includes homosexuality, but transsexuality too!

Of course, my life having been what it is, I don't even need to wait for the other shoe to drop...I can already tell what's hanging over our heads.  First off, that's merely the House the bill passed...and, if this one gets out of the Senate (unlikely...Democrats have a slimmer majority in the Senate), I suspect we can absolutely count on it meeting a veto pen...or, worse yet, being pocket-vetoed (the Colorado legislative season is short enough that even a bill going to Owens's desk two days ago would already be within the pocket-veto timeframe). 

Even if, by some miracle, Owens had his heart and mind opened and signed the bill, another massive obstacle stands in our way.  As I've pointed out before, once King George gets to name his Supreme Court justices, an awful lot of what's now un-constitutional...won't be.  Namely, anything that went out of play due to the 'right to privacy' will once again become theoretically constitutional, and subject at least to a fresh test.  What's this have to do with the anti-discrimination law?  Well, just in case I need to remind you, Colorado still has a well-earned reputation as the Hate State thanks to a little segment of its Constitution known as Amendment Two ((note:this link may be down every Sunday between 7AM and 3PM GMT (Midnight and 8AM Mountain Time)...the college hosting it does unbelievably massive amounts of maintenance, and I'm not sure if the students' accounts server is included!)).  Unfortunately, Colorado also has voters disinclined to take even obsolete statutes off the books, let alone Constitutional language.  This, of course, suggests to this admitted non-attorney that should anything put Two back into any position other than 'confirmed as un-constitutional' (say, maybe, a ruling on the disturbingly similar, yet even more homophobic, Nebraska constitutional language from two years ago that falls in favour of the State), then every protection given to us damnfags will be gone until such time (assuming it happens) that Two's declared un-constitutional again.

Maybe I shouldn't be so down, considering the good news, but what civil liberties have actually been gained, anywhere in America, since the end of the Clinton Administration?  Still, it's nice to see some advancement in-state, even if I know it's just a mirage...`

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Friday, April 29th, 2005
1:12 am
...and on another note...

(lj-cut coming up) Wow, this is just depressingCollapse )

For the majority of my readers who don't live in Denver, the Dove is not the 21st-century equivalent of the old Lion's Lair or Rainbow Music Hall.  Rather, it's more the type of club that, more often than not, is left behind even by local acts.  For Better than Ezra to be reduced to performing there... *sigh* ... let's just say, if I had a band that had done big-name touring, I'd tend to break up the crew long before I started getting contacted by the booking agent at the Soiled Dove.  Oh, well, another piece of too many people's youth destroyed... :(

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12:40 am
I'm no 'birder' normally...
But I can't help but be thrilled that the ivory-billed woodpecker is alive!

I was first captivated by this beautiful bird when I ran across its entry in the Field Guide to North American Birds when I did have a birding obsession, back when I was seven and eight.  Unlike so many other birds, my love for, or even obsession with, the Ivory-Bill never flagged.  I'm positively thrilled to know this...though apparently my mind's not running at a hundred percent, as I can't seem to verbalise my thoughts in this case.  Oh, well, at least I get to help spread the info about the beautiful bird...

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